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How does piccolo die?

In Dragon Ball Z, Piccolo dies three times and in Dragon Ball GT he dies for good. First death: Nappa fired and attack at Gohan and Piccolo jumped in the way, saving Gohan but (MORE)
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How is a piccolo different from a flute?

hi i have played flute for almost 3 years and play the piccolo since about last November. The flute is about your arms length with your hand and the piccolo is about 3 inches (MORE)
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What is the history of the piccolo?

  The Piccolo is similar to the flute but the flute place an octave lower and the flute is double the size of a piccolo.It has a range of nearly three octaves and reaches (MORE)

How does a piccolo work?

A piccolo is a small type of flute and works in the same way. It  has keys for changing notes but sound is made by blowing air across  the mouthpiece opening. The player for (MORE)

Who killed piccolo?

Piccolo died many times, but was brought back with the Dragon Balls. First he was killed by Vegeta, and Nappa. After that Cell killed him, but he was merged with Kami, so it w (MORE)
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Is playing the piccolo hard?

Not really. You just have to get used to it. It is easier to play it if you have at least 3 years experience on flute before attempting piccolo.
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Is the piccolo in the orchestra?

Yes, picollo's are used in full-sized orchestras, the London Symphony Orchestra use them in their performances. In fact, every orchestra uses one or more piccolo when the musi (MORE)