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Where is your sphincter?

Synonyms: Anus, Butt hole, Blow hole; on the opposite side of your body ; i.e. your backside; of your groin. Between the two "butt cheeks" , on the upper half of your legs.
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Where are sphincters found?

Sphincters are muscular valves found throughout the body used to open or close an opening. An example is the cardiac sphincter which prevents food from coming back up the esop (MORE)
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How many sphincters do you have?

Humans have over 50 sphincters in the body. The ones that people commonly know of are the ones in the eye, stomach, and butt.
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Where is the rectal sphincter?

The Rectal Sphincter/Anal Sphincter is an approximate 1 inch ring shaped muscle that surrounds the external opening of the rectum. This muscle maintains the natural function o (MORE)
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Where can sphincters be found?

A sphincter is a circular muscle that constricts a natural body passage or orifice. There are over 50 sphincters in the human body, some of them microscopic. For example: (MORE)
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The voluntary sphincter is the what sphincter?

The anal sphincter and the bladder sphincter in potty trained children and in most other people whose spinal cords are intact or are not suffering from some diseases.
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What is sphincter in human?

a ring of muscle that controls the release of an organs products. EXAMPLE: Pyloric Sphincter controls release of chyme. Cardiac Sphincter controls deposition of food into the (MORE)
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What is the anatomical sphincter and what is the physiological sphincter?

Sphincters can be classified into functional and anatomical sphincters: Anatomical sphincters have a localised and often circular muscle thickening to facilitate their actio (MORE)
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What is an sphincter?

A sphincter is a muscle that is formed in a circle and controls an opening, e.g., the lips and the anus. There are numerous sphincters within the body.