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How can you find a sphynx cat for adoption?

You can try calling and visiting local animal shelters. Many, many purebred animals of all different breeds end up in shelters. There's the AC&C (Animal Care and Control), the (MORE)

What is a sphynx cat?

A sphynx is a breed of cat with no hair, and thus are covered in wrinkles. Actually that's technically not true, since they have this low level of fuzz coating them, but mostl (MORE)

What is the Egyptian sphynx?

The Egyptian Sphynx is an EXTREMELY large monument that guards the Pyramids of Giza. It has the body of a lion and the head of one of the pharaohs

Do Sphynx cats sweat?

All cats sweat. Not the dripping sweat we humans can do, but they do have patches of sweat glands in the face, belly, paw pads and tail area. Because the Sphynx is hairless i (MORE)

Why do people hate the Sphynx cat?

I think it is because they have no fur but i also think that people should not judge the sphinx cat on its appearances. they ae actually very lively and affectionate and can (MORE)

What do sphynx cats eat?

  Sphynx cats have the same diet as all other cats. A good meat based diet is preferred. If the cat is under 1 years of age then a good kitten food is recommended. Sphynx (MORE)

How big is the sphynx?

The sphynx breed is fairly small compared to regular breeds (with fur). When a sphynx cat is fully grown it weighs around ten pounds.
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