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How fast can Spider-Man swing from his webs?

He has been shown to swing anywhere from 60 mph to 200 mph. -In the first video game based on the film, you would be given "Spidey facts" while you wait for the game to load (MORE)
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Spider-Man 3 or Spider-Man webs of shadows?

well I would say spiderman 3 because spiderman web of shadows doesn't have an after story. Once you beat the game you would have to start over and choose a different story lin (MORE)
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How do you get all 4 endings on Spider-Man web of shadows?

Well, to get the ending with Mary Jane (good ending) you must choose the red path on the wolverine one and the black cat one. To get the ending with Black Cat (bad ending) y (MORE)
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What songs are in spider-man web of shadows?

There is no large selection of songs in the game. But one song in particular (which was used in the beginning when Spidey was on the rooftop) It's called moonlight Sonata, by (MORE)

How do webs come out of spider-mans wrist?

  In the comic books, Spider-Man's webs are shot out of mechanical devices called web shooters.   In the movies, the webs were organic in nature, ie they came from his (MORE)

Is Spider-Man web of shadows a two player game?

Sadly it's not,I got the game for Christmas and I looked at the back cover and it had "1 Player". Unless I'm missing something,but I have played half of the game and there see (MORE)

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