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Who created Spiderman?

STEVE DITKO Actually, both Stan Lee and Steve Ditko Issue number "15" of AMAZING FANTASY comic book was the first appearance of Webhead. STAN LEE provided the basic CONCEP ( Full Answer )
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Does spiderman die in spiderman 4?

No- because it is never going to be made. The series with Tobey Maguire has now ended and the next movie will be the start of a new one.
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What does spiderman do?

what does he do?!?! he shoots webs, he has super strength, he climbs walls, he has spider senses that are contstantly tingling....he's AMAZING!!!
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Who is the enemy of Spiderman in Spiderman 4?

To start of with, there is not going to be a Spider Man 4. If there was, it would've been vulture. Sony was pushing Sam Raimi (direcotr of spiderman) around, so he got very an ( Full Answer )
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How does spiderman die in spiderman 4?

That will not happen because Spider-Man 4 will never be made. The next movie is going to be a reboot with the character played by a different actor. Venom never died in Spider ( Full Answer )
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Who is spidermans enemy?

Spiderman has about 10-20 or more. The enemy's put in the movies Spiderman 1 The Green Goblin. In Spiderman 2, Doctor Octopus. And finally in Spiderman 3 he has 2... ( Full Answer )
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What is spidermans strength?

Spiderman can cling to most surfaces, has superhuman strength (able to lift 10 tons optimally) and is roughly 15 times more agile than a regular human . The combination of his ( Full Answer )
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Who is carnage from Spiderman?

he is the offspring of venom, the symbiote offspring of venom bonded with a serial killer, through a cut on his finger, bonding more specifically iwth his blood, the killers n ( Full Answer )
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Will spiderman die in spiderman 4?

Spider man never dies he will not die in spider man 4. Guys it just a reboot not the same characters. Dou yu guys agree it sucks that the main character is a new one, and it ( Full Answer )
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Does Spiderman have powers in the amazing Spiderman?

Yes he does he gets bitten by a spider in the neck and then he makes web shooters that he wears the only power that came with the bite was to stick to walls but shooting webs ( Full Answer )