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What is the difference between a spin-off and a reboot?

A reboot is basicly a remake of the original story. Any film that remakes an older movie is a reboot. The term is more commonly used when not much time has passed since the la (MORE)

What is the spin-off for the show Zoey 101?

  It might be called "Hey Lola" because if you search Victoria Justice on,scroll down and it will show some shows she was on, and on the list, it says Hey Lo (MORE)
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Will there be a spin off of charmed?

As of July 2014, there is no plan to have a spin off of the hit  show Charmed. There have been talks of a reboot of the series, but  no official confirmation.
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What is difference between spin off and sell off?

A spin off is a byproduct or incidental result of a larger project. An example is a product marketed through its association with a television program, movie, celebrity, etc. (MORE)

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Will there be a Charmed Spin Off?

It appears Holly Marie Combs has written a spin off, but CW rejected it. Although other companys are looking into it
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Which goes farther a top spin baseball or back spin baseball off a wooden baseball bat?

I don't know if it is different with a metal bat(i dont see how) but I did play D-1 college baseball and we use to do drills where we would practice hitting a ball off a tee w (MORE)
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Is Judaism a spin-off of Christianity?

No. Christianity might be considered a spin-off of Judaism, since Jesus was a Jew, as well as his disciples. Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism since Jesus revealed th (MORE)

What was stock MIPS worth when spin off from Silicon graphics?

The following is regarding MIPS spin-off from SGI in June 2000. The  MIPS cost basis is 57% of original SGI cost basis. Likewise the SGI  basis is 43% of original SGI cost b (MORE)