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How are stretch reflexes used to find a spinal cord injury?

Stretch reflexes are used to determine which areas of the body that the central nervous system does not respond to. For instance, if you tap your knee to check reflex, and the (MORE)

What doctor does see after the spinal cord injury?

Answer . \nIf you are having problems with pain ONLY... You should be consulted to see a Pain Specialist. This is an anesthesiologist who has specialized in the treatment o (MORE)

Spinal cord injury respirator?

In the acute phase of recovery from spinal cord injury, the patient will need to be on a respirator if they are in a coma or otherwise unable to breathe on their own. The seve (MORE)

Why can an injury to the spinal cord or a nerve sometimes result in paralysis?

The spinal cord is the main line that brings all nerve signals back to the brain so when this is damaged it interrupts the line. When the line is damaged bad enough the signal (MORE)

Vital signs for a spinal cord injury?

Neurogenic shock is characterized by severe autonomic dysfunction, resulting in hypotension, relative bradycardia, peripheral vasodilation, and hypothermia. It does not usuall (MORE)

What treatments are available for spinal cord injury?

Once the spinal cord has been injured there is no way to reverse the damage, but in the meantime treatment focuses on preventing further injury. After the initial injury doct (MORE)