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How much does a spinet cost?

The prices of a spinet will vary depending on brand, size, and  condition. The prices range from $89.00 to $ 690.00.

What is the worth of a 1911 spinet desk by HE shaw?

I also have an HE Shaw spinet desk. I have done tons of research on it and here is what I have found out. HE Shaw was in business from 1911 to 1933 but they manufactured the s (MORE)

What are the dimensions of a spinet piano?

  Most vertical pianos measure within a few inches of 2' deep by 5' wide, height varies according to type of piano (usually, but not always: 36"-40" for a spinet, 42"-44" (MORE)

What is the weight of a spinet piano?

Weight of one spinet   Spinet Piano; Type of Piano: Spinet. Length:58 inches; Width:24 inches; Height:40 inches. Weight:300 lbs; On Casters:No. Special Handling Instructi (MORE)
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Is a spinet piano good for a beginner?

Yes. Actually a spinet would probably be the best choice for a beginner. however, spinet pianos are lacking in many areas of a proper instrument and if the beginner starts to (MORE)

Why did Handel play his spinet in the attic?

He hid in the attic because his father wanted him to be a lawyer and forbade him to play music. He was able to sneak his instrument into the attic .
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