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Who is Clay Spires?

Clay landed in Knoxville, TN, , where he became a sales rep for a medical equipment company. He married Angie and they have a beautiful daughter, Allee.. Clay is a little bit (MORE)

What is a church spire?

A Church spire is a decorative addition on top of many Churches, triangular in shape they amount the higher part of the church, usually on the bell or clock tower,\nit is beli (MORE)
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What is spires Academy?

Spires Academy is a well-known school in sturry.. they are currently planning on a new building
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Why is the crooked spire crooked?

It is a well known folk tale that the Crooked Spire became crooked for many reasons, but the following story is one of the most famous. One day, a Devil went to a Blacksmiths (MORE)

What is Blackrock Spire?

Blackrock Spire is an old-world (previous raid) instance located inside Blackrock Mountain. Blackrock Mountain can be accessed from Searing Gorge and Burning Steppes (there's (MORE)

How do you get into upper blackrock spire in wow?

The way I got there was enter the mountain thing through the searing gorge and ran up a pile of dirt and made a leap onto a ledge and then another leap and then there is a por (MORE)