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What is a spirit?

Specifically, the 'spirit' is the sub-consciousness with the 'soul'being the consciousness. We interact with each other via the soul -and the soul can change while the spirit (MORE)

What is spirit?

a spirit is are dead humans life being put into heaven or hell SPIRIT: By default our muscle tone is 50%. If it become less than 0%, then postural reflexes reset it to (MORE)
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What are spirits?

Answer Spirits do not actually exist, but there are almost as many different beliefs about the world of spirits as there are people in the world. To a traditional Christia (MORE)

What is the spirit?

In general terms, the entity that is called the spirit is also referred to as the soul. A body is considered to be alive whenever this spirit/soul is present and the body is c (MORE)

What is spiritism?

According to Allan Kardec, spiritism is a belief in the existence of spirits--non-physical beings that live in the invisible or spirit world.
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Do you have a spirit?

Technically the spirit is something slightly different then a soul. Soul and spirit are technically the same thing but in my opinion there's a difference. Soul, is what gives (MORE)
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What are spirites?

Spirtits.....something just like a myth, not known if true. The term spirit exists because there is a thing like spirit around. Spirit is believed as a soul of a person afte (MORE)
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What can you do with spirits?

From the New Age perspective: A lot. You can talk with them, learn from them, even make friends. But a word of warning, in your adventures you can come across, the all too com (MORE)
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What do you if there is a spirit?

From the view point of the New Age religion: It depends. Usually spirits that come around us are loved ones, ancestors, and curious spirits. Most times, the spirits that get y (MORE)