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Were The Beatles a quartet?

Yes, although their original line-up did not include Ringo Starr but a friend of Paul McCartney's from Liverpool College of Art called Stuart Sutcliffe. It was he who suggeste (MORE)
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How far Memphis from Memphis airport?

The Memphis airport is inside the city limits of Memphis. However, it's in the south part of the city, so you can leave the airport and travel 20 or 30 miles in various direct (MORE)

What are the lyrics of Called Out by the Kingsmen Quartet?

Some folks I know by their name, some folks I just know their face. Some are known by their fame, others known by their race. But in the kingdom of our Lord, each soul has (MORE)
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Why did the Cumberland Quartet disband?

  I was told that the ownder Depp Britt was sued by Daywind for recording an album without their label and approval..... This was from a very trusted source.

Where is Memphis?

Memphis is located in the western part of Tennessee on the bottom left corner of the state right on the Mississippi River.Egypt. southwest Tennessee by the Mississippi river (MORE)

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