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What is a synonym for splendid?

The adjective splendid can have the synonyms :beautiful, brilliant, dazzling, elegant, flamboyant, glittering, gorgeous, grand, grandiose, impressive, lavish, lustrous, luxuri (MORE)

How many words can you make out of splendid?

The letters spell the word spindled.  The letters can be used to spell the 7 letter word spindle and the  6 letter words dispel and sniped. They spell the 5 letter words  d (MORE)

How do you put splendid in a sentence?

the word is used as an adjective and can be used to describe situations,things, etc. Like many similar words like wonderful, you can apply it in the same context. For example, (MORE)

What is plot of a thousand splendid suns?

Spoiler Alert The book is split into 4 parts and is set in Afghanistan. The first part focuses on Mariam, a girl who lives near Herat with her mother. Mariam is an illegitimat (MORE)