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What is a tap splice?

A tap splice is a splice that is made usually in a mid span of aerial feeder conductors. It is used to connect a home from a utility company's secondary service drop on the st (MORE)
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What is a comma splice?

A comma splice is the attempt to join two independent clauses with a comma without a coordinating conjunction. For example, "She walked the dog last night, today she fed it. (MORE)
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What is a splicing gene?

In some mammals and amphibians it was observed that a gene mey not be represented by a continuous sequence of nucleotides but may be interrupted by some intervening sequences (MORE)
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How do you splice a rope?

There are different types of splice and for different types of rope. The most common reason for a splice is to put either a loop in the end or an eye (an eye strengthens a sma (MORE)
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What are Pokemon splices?

Some people like to edit the sprites (pixel images) from the Pokemon games. When someone combines two or more Pokemon by taking pieces from one sprite and attaching them to an (MORE)
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What is self splicing?

Intron that itself is the source of the enzymatic activity necessary for it removal. Splicing mechanism of pre-mRNA involving group I introns.
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What is a Y- sPLICE?

A splice is usually two rope ends joined together to form a longer rope. A Y splice is three rope ends are joined together to form a Y shape. The same can be said for connec (MORE)
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What is sentence splice?

A sentence splice (alternately, comma splice) is when 2 independent clauses are joined by a comma. This is not grammatically correct. To fix a sentence splice, you can either (MORE)
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What is a splice box?

A splice box is the same terminology as a junction box. The function of a junction box is to suppress thespread of fire. . In an electrical system the most likely spot for a (MORE)