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What is spoilage of food?

Food spoilage is anything that affects the appearance, texture, smell, and taste of a food. It is caused by spoiling microbes that reproduce on the food and break it down.

What are the types of spoilage?

Microbial (yeast, mould, bacteria), Autolysis (enzymes or oxidation), Low temperature injury (e.g. freezer burn) and infestations of insects.
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What is landscape spoilage?

Pollution of land caused by natural occurrences or the activities  of humans that degrades the quality of the soil is landscape  spoilage. Earthquakes, drought, and landslid (MORE)

What is chemical spoilage?

  Chemical spoilage is where enzyme reactions can continue occurring after they have been harvested and slaughtered. The fruits and vegetables can spoil as the exposure to (MORE)
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Spoilage of rice?

Rice can go rancid of uncooked if moisture gets into the rice.  There are also sometimes meal worms and the like that are found in  rice. Cooked rice can mold after awhile e (MORE)

Why does spoilage occur?

Spoilage occurs due to the presence of many things in the air. Most  notably, oxygen, while beneficial to life, can actually have quite  a detrimental effect on food. Likewi (MORE)

What causes spoilage?

Food spoils primarily due to poor storage methods. Food that's stored in a too warm or too moist environment spoils more quickly. Too cool is rarely a problem, but some delica (MORE)
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What is spoilage food?

food spoilage is the contamination of food by micro organism thereby rendering the food useless and unconsumable,at times causing disease to the people dat consume them..