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What are the types of spoilage?

Microbial (yeast, mould, bacteria), Autolysis (enzymes or oxidation), Low temperature injury (e.g. freezer burn) and infestations of insects.
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How does a refrigerator delay spoilage of food?

Food spoils the fastest between the temperatures of 40oF and 140oF, therefore foods in preparation should not be kept at these temperatures. A refrigerator is below 40oF. ba (MORE)

How can you detect food spoilage?

The following detectors indicate spoilage in food:Odour : Food gets spoiled due to bacteria, that gives out foul odour or repulsive smell. It happens only when bacteria breaks (MORE)

What is chemical spoilage?

  Chemical spoilage is where enzyme reactions can continue occurring after they have been harvested and slaughtered. The fruits and vegetables can spoil as the exposure to (MORE)

Effects of food spoilage?

Spoiled food can cause different sicknesses if eaten, depending on  how spoiled and the type of food. Some people develop stomach  viruses from eating spoiled food.

What are the signs of spoilage?

  Common signs of spoilage in most foods are -   *Bad smell   *Discoloration   *Growth of mold   *Wrong texture (too soft or too hard)   *Bad taste   *Wr (MORE)

Why does spoilage occur?

Spoilage occurs due to the presence of many things in the air. Most  notably, oxygen, while beneficial to life, can actually have quite  a detrimental effect on food. Likewi (MORE)