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What is spontaneous in tagalog?

The word "spontaneous" when translated in Tagalog or Filipino (national language of the Philippines) would simply mean "kusang-loob", "kusa". The word "spontaneous" when trans (MORE)

What does spontaneous improvisation?

Spontaneous Improvisation is where people make up plays that have  been planned to show to an audience, but when performing it  something goes wrong i.e a prop falls of a ta (MORE)
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What are the medications for spontaneous abortion?

A spontaneous abortion is a the same as a natural miscarriage where you need no medication to make it happen. To induce a miscarriage=induced abortion you need to go see a doc (MORE)

Reframing ADHD

Discussions about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) typically focus on the negative aspects, but there are positive things about having ADHD. Learning to reframe (MORE)

What is spontaneous hypnosis?

Spontaneous hypnosis is the situation where the brain slips into the same state as in clinical hypnosis or deep meditation (high theta wave activity, combined with suppressed (MORE)
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What is spontaneous fission?

Spontaneous fission is a naturally occurring nuclear decay event that a few different elements undergo. Uranium and plutonium, which are radioactive, are the most well known o (MORE)

What is a synonym for spontaneous?

For a reaction, synonyms could include automatic, reflexive, or instinctive. For a spontaneous person : impulsive, impetuous, or extemporaneous.
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Is respiration spontaneous?

Yes, spontaneous basically means by itself or you do it without noticing, so respiration or breathing is something we do without knowing like when we're sleeping.