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How can a box spring mattress spontaneously combust?

Some types of mattresses, can get spontaneously combusted from heat build up caused by friction due to bacteria. For bacterias to generate heat and combustible gasses that wou (MORE)

What does spontaneous improvisation?

Spontaneous Improvisation is where people make up plays that have  been planned to show to an audience, but when performing it  something goes wrong i.e a prop falls of a ta (MORE)

What is spontaneous in tagalog?

The word "spontaneous" when translated in Tagalog or Filipino (national language of the Philippines) would simply mean "kusang-loob", "kusa". The word "spontaneous" when trans (MORE)

Why is the incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons harmful to humans?

The incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons produces carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous and potentially fatal gas to humans. Carbon monoxide reduces hemoglobin's (a pigment/p (MORE)

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Is Spontaneous Human Combustion real and proven?

No-one really knows. apparently the claimed victims were obese, drunk and/or smoked constantly. wich mans it might be real... I am guessing it is, as a scientist discovered it (MORE)

What is spontaneous hypnosis?

Spontaneous hypnosis is the situation where the brain slips into the same state as in clinical hypnosis or deep meditation (high theta wave activity, combined with suppressed (MORE)

Can you prevent Spontaneous human combustion It is scary one moment everything is fine and the other you start burning and dying?

It is easier than you might think. Keep acting as you normally would and you will never suffer from SHC. This is because it is a myth it is not physically possible for a human (MORE)

How often does spontaneous combustion occur?

I may be wrong, but I've heard somewhere that there has been a report of about 200 cases in the past 300 years, but even though that seems like a lot, there's like 6 billion p (MORE)