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Why is the Roseate spoonbill endangered?

Extinction of mangroove forests which are the natural breeding sites of roseate spoonbill has made the species endangered.
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What is a spoonbill?

spoonbill 1. Any of several long-legged wading birds of the genus Platalea, similar to the ibis but having a long, flat bill with a broadly spatulate tip. 2. Any of vario ( Full Answer )
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What do spoonbills eat?

Spoonbills eat small fish and crustaceans such as shrimp. They also have special spoon-like beaks to help them grab food out of water.
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Where do spoonbills live?

Different species of spoonbills live in different parts of theworld. The Roseate Spoonbill is native to South America, Caribbean,and the United States.
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How does the spoonbill eat?

All have large, flat, spatulate bills and feed by wading through shallow water, sweeping the partly-opened bill from side to side. The moment any small aquatic creature touche ( Full Answer )
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What adaptations does a spoonbill have to eat its food?

Spoonbills need to be able to get to their food in order to eat it.They have long legs with thin, pointed toes which allow them towade through deep water to reach their prey. ( Full Answer )
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What animals are black-faced spoonbills?

Black-faced spoonbills are endangered waterbirds that live in wet lands. These birds have a spoon shaped bill and are small and white. They prey on fish and shrimp. They are s ( Full Answer )
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Is a roseate spoonbill a vertebrate or invertebrate?

All species of spoonbills are birds and, like all birds, they arevertebrates because they have a spine and spinal cord, and aninternal skeleton. They belong to the Phylum Chor ( Full Answer )
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What is the royal spoonbills food choice?

Royal spoonbills hunt for food in shallow, freshwater and saltwater habitats in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. They prefer prey such a ( Full Answer )