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What is a sporangium?

Sporangium is round black with many celled structure. Rhizophus reproduce asexually by means of sporangium................J BALAJI [9440031596]
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What is sporangium?

Sporangium is both a classification of fungi, and a description of a specific part of fungi anatomy. Sporangium is a classification of fungi, distinct from other forms of fun ( Full Answer )
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What is the function of the sporangium?

Encloses the spores. When it is time to release the spores, it is the duty of the sporangium to do so.
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How does a sporangium fungus obtain food?

sporangium is centrally located in the stem ,though , it mainly has the function of producing spores it also helps in transporting proteins and return it gets nutri ( Full Answer )
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Mushrooms are an example of sporangium fungi?

The thing we call a mushroom contains sporangia (singular sporangium) in fungi. A sporangium is a structure in which spores are formed. Plants, fungi, and some other organism ( Full Answer )
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Fungi type that produces spores in a sporangium?

Too many to name. A sporagium is just a stalk supported sac that contains spores. Angiosperms and gymnosperms have these also.
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What cell division occurs in sporangium?

Sporogenesis occurs in reproductive structures called sporangia. Inthis type of reproduction sporogenous cells ( also referred to asspore mother cells or sporocytes) undergo c ( Full Answer )