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Why do you use sporks?

idk cause that word is fun! jk. it is cheaper to make one utensil that is a spoon and forkcombined, and then you only need to get one thing when you are going on a picnic or i (MORE)

What is a spork?

A spork is an eating utensil shaped like a spoon, but with threetines on the bowl, such as those you would see on a fork.

What is spork in Spanish?

English has much more words than Spanish. As a consequence, some words that we have in English do not exist in Spanish. but a combination of fork and spoon would be cuchador. (MORE)
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Why is a spork called a spork and not a foon?

A spork is called a spork because it is the name that made the item popular and well-known. If I went over to a person and said "Foon", they'd probably have no idea what I was (MORE)
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What does sporks mean?

a spork is a mix of a spoon and a fork. the bottom part of the head is rounded like a spoon, while the top of the head it pointed just like a fork would be