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What is an aspect that makes a sport a sport?

A sport is an activity in which mind and body are challenged. They must score at least 5 points on average in the "sport" and they must involve direct competition through a ra (MORE)
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Who approved the sport rugby to be a sport?

The Rugby Football Union was created when a group of clubs decided they did not want to be part of the Football Association (UK) These clubs formed their own UNION and allowed (MORE)

How is the sport skeleton a dangerous sport?

Skeleton is dangerous for a variety of reasons. First, the sleds that skeleton sliders use lack brakes and steering. The sliders have to use their own body weight to help stee (MORE)

Which sport is not an Olympic sport?

Baseball and softball both aren't Olympic Sports, but ever since  the year 1904's Summer Olympic Games, Golf hasn't been seen in any  Olympic game. However, Golf will be bro (MORE)
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What sport is known as the king of sports?

Of course football (soccer) because its amazingly popular in all of  world and simply. and it has the highest viewership even higher  than of Olympic games
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Why are sports called sports?

Sports is short for disport, an old English word that means to  "enjoy oneself"
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What sport is called sports of kings?

From the late 1100s The Sport of Kings was, and still is, horse-racing For some vague reason some people in America suggest that it is Polo; Maybe because some of the recent (MORE)

What sports is called the sport of king?

The long time "sport of kings" is thoroughbred horseracing. Other sports have attempted to co-opt this title, with the only success being that they created misinformation. P (MORE)