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Who approved the sport rugby to be a sport?

The Rugby Football Union was created when a group of clubs decided they did not want to be part of the Football Association (UK) These clubs formed their own UNION and allowed (MORE)

Which sport is not an Olympic sport?

Baseball and softball both aren't Olympic Sports, but ever since  the year 1904's Summer Olympic Games, Golf hasn't been seen in any  Olympic game. However, Golf will be bro (MORE)

What sports are in a heptathlon?

There are seven sports in the heptathlon these are the 100m hurdles, high hump, shot put, 200m, long jump, javelin throw and 800m.
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What is the sport lacrosse?

lacrosse is a sport that is a mix of football,soccer, and hockey.  native americans used lacrosse to train warriors for war against  other tribes or they just played other t (MORE)

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What sports is called the sport of king?

The long time "sport of kings" is thoroughbred horseracing. Other sports have attempted to co-opt this title, with the only success being that they created misinformation. P (MORE)

What sports are in Wii Sports Resort?

Swordplay (Duel, Speed Slice, Showdown) Wakeboarding Frisbee (Frisbee Dog, Frisbee Golf) Archery Basketball (3-Point Contest, Pickup Game) Table Tennis (Match, Retur (MORE)
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What is a sports statistician?

It is someone who keeps statistics on sports. They might be able to tell you names of players, or what teams or individuals won things in different years. They would have stat (MORE)

What is a sports sleeve?

A sports sleeve A.K.A. compression sleeve is a sleeve made of  spandex. It fits tight on your arm or leg to keep your muscles  warm. It looks cool and keeps your muscles tig (MORE)
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What is sports acrobatics?

A disipline of gymnastcs that involves 2,3 or 4 people on the floor at a time. The perform skills ontop of each other and also involve individual elements and choreagraphed da (MORE)