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What is the main sport in New Brunswick?

Mostly hockey (no, seriously). We also dabble in lacrosse, basketball (Steve Nash, who plays for the Phoenix Suns, is Canadian. You're welcome), football, soccer, and baseba (MORE)
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What is the 1 sport in the world?

If you're asking about the #1 sport in the world, the answer is soccer AKA football (not American football). It's hard to imagine futbol as the #1 sport since it's not that po (MORE)
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What is sports news story?

A sports news story is an article of a certain event, gathering that is related to sports. A good sports story is a story that should be written and published that will make y (MORE)

AM I acceptable in Rutgers New Brunswick GPA 2.7 SAT 1790 Community Service 100 hrs. 3 Clubs. 1 Sports. 1 Year of Work Experience?

You are more then well qualified. :D Ru accepts anywhere from 1400-1900, and your right in the higher medium of that. On top of that, the three clubs and 1 sport will help (MORE)

How many sports does new zealand have?

New Zealand enjoys all the common European sports, and it would be easier to list the sports not enjoyed, than the alternative. Bull fighting, and Bob sled would be a couple (MORE)

What is the official sport of New Zealand?

There is not an 'official' sport. Rugby or Cricket are very popular. And for women, Netball probably tops the list. (similar to basketball) Netball claims about 135 000 pl (MORE)

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