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Is basketball Americas favorite sport?

It is in americas top three sport, but all i know is football is americas favorite, and either baseball or basketball i americas second and third favorite but I do not the rde (MORE)
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Do sports help kids health?

yes, kids need a socially active lifestyle AND a physically active lifestyle. It's healthy when they get outdoors and do sports, because it Builds team work and friendships. H (MORE)
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Did billgates play sports as a kid?

Just look at him. Does he look like he played sports as a kid? He was probably pondering over a challenging math puzzle or playing with his home chemistry set while his classm (MORE)
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What are kids favorite sports today?

  in my opinion, because I am close to children, I think football is popular to all boys, of course, and cheerleading for younger girls. for older girls i would say dancin (MORE)

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Which kids sport has most injuries?

Basketball- More than half a million kids went to the ER in just one year with injuries sustained playing hoops. Damage to the anterior cruciate ligament, or ACL, is a common (MORE)
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Why are competitive sports good for kids?

Competitive sports aren't always "good" for kids. They can be good because they teach team support, independence, and how things work in the real world. They can also take a n (MORE)
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Is swimming an ideal sport for kids?

It is a healthy work out that can be done for a lifetime. It builds endurance, muscle and cardiovascular fitness. A minimum of 2.5 hours per week is recommended.
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