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What fuel for Polaris sportsman?

It really depends on the engine. You shouldn't use ethanol mixed gas in any of them, but really the only one that will give you troubles is the 850. The 850 is very picky abou (MORE)
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Who is the richest sportsman?

Michal Solowow, polish rally driver and businessman, his fortune is worth 3 000 000 000 USD   He was on Forbes list of Billionaires in 2007, ranked at #407. He is a busines (MORE)
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An article about qualities of a true sportsman?

we all know that sports play an important role in our life. but to become a true sportsman one should possess the quality of head an heart. one of the most important quality o (MORE)

Top speed of polaris sportsman 500?

65 is pushing it, but 70 max is what we have had out of mine
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Who was the highest paid sportsman ever?

  For a single year, the highest paid sportsman would be Michael Schumacher who is a retired (2006) Formula 1 driver who drove mostly for Ferrari. His 2004 salary is estim (MORE)
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Most known sportsman in the world?

It is impossible to quantify who the "most know sportsman in the  world" currently is. At one time that title could have easily been  given to boxer Muhammad Ali. Michael Jo (MORE)