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What is the state of springfield?

There is a Springfield in Oregon, California, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, (MORE)
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Where is springfield Illinois?

It's easiest to just look at a map, but roughly: if you point towhere you think the center of Illinois is, and then move yourfinger slightly southwest from that, you're probab (MORE)
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Where is Springfield of the US?

There are towns or cities named Springfield in: Ohio, Massachusetts, Illinois, Missouri, Oregon, New Jersey, Vermont, Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Colora (MORE)
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Where did springfield come from?

The original settlement was founded in 1820 by John Kelly and was named Calhoun after senator John C. Calhoun. The name was changed to Springfield in 1832 after the senator fe (MORE)
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Is there a Springfield 303?

yes there is a springfield .303 i have one from 1942 its a springfield rifle with a .303 british barrell
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Is Dusty Springfield related to Rick Springfield?

No. The late white soul singer was born in England as Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien. She died at age 59 of cancer on March 2, 1999, just days before she was to be i (MORE)
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Who was dusty springfield?

A great female singer from England . Very popular from the midi sixties through the mid seventies. Biggest hit were I only want to be with you
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Who was Jebediah Springfield?

As the legend states, he was the founder of Springfield, but in fact he was a pirate named Hans Sprungfeld who attempted to kill George Washington.