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What are the lyrics for Dear John by the Springfields?

Sit you down beside us And we'll take you back a while Marchin' down through Georgia And a-countin' every mile A handsome boy was John Maguire He set a hundred hearts on fire (MORE)

Is Dusty Springfield related to Rick Springfield?

No. The late white soul singer was born in England as Mary Isobel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien. She died at age 59 of cancer on March 2, 1999, just days before she was to be i (MORE)

How many children does Rick Springfield have?

He has two sons, Liam (born October 1985) and Joshua (born March 1989) Springthorpe. Both boys and Rick's wife Barbara use his birth name, Springthorpe.
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Why Did Virginia split into West Virginia and Virginia?

When Virginia voted to secede from the Union in April 1861, The more Northern and western counties decided not to secede. So, they broke away from Virginia and formed their ow (MORE)
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What is the difference 30.06 and 30.06 springfield?

There is no difference. A 30-06 Springfield is the only ammo under that designation. Now different companies sell the 30-06 cartridge, but it is all 30-06 Springfield ammo.
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What is armory kote from springfield arms?

Armory Kote is a propitiatory black coating that Springfield Arms applies to their high-end production and Custom Shop 1911 pistols. It is reportedly quite durable and corrosi (MORE)

How can you sell your model 1898 Springfield?

  Answer   Let's start with the fact that there is no "model 1898 Springfield." The US military rifle made at the Springfield armory as the "Model of 1898" is better (MORE)