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What is sputum mug?

A sputum mug is also known as a sputum cup. It is a cup usually  made of paper or thin cardboard to receive and isolate the sputum  of a patient with respiratory disease.

What is a sputum test?

A sputum test examine the secretion from the lungs to determine it  there is a bacterial or fungal infection of the respiratory system.  The secretion is collected by coughi (MORE)

What is a sputum slide?

well sputum is a matter salivia mixed with discharges from the respiratory passages and mucus it is often spat from the mouth. a sputum slide would probably referring to the s (MORE)
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What to do if you are getting sputum every morning?

See your medical practitioner. They will most likely provide you with a sterile specimen container to collect a sample. This sample will then be sent to the laboratory for mic (MORE)
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What is a sputum culture?

Sputum is material coughed up from the lungs and expectorated (spit out) through the mouth. A sputum culture is done to find and identify the microorganism causing an infectio (MORE)

How do you do a sputum smear?

A sputum smear is done to check for pathogenic microbes. A sensitivity test should be also done to check to see what antibiotic or drug can control that microbe. This done by (MORE)