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What do the different colors of sputum mean?

Yellow shades-green shades are infection. Red- not nessisarily a bad thing you can have a little blood in your sputum from broncitis and it look like a ton of blood.(still go (MORE)

What is sputum mug?

A sputum mug is also known as a sputum cup. It is a cup usuallymade of paper or thin cardboard to receive and isolate the sputumof a patient with respiratory disease.

What is a sputum slide?

well sputum is a matter salivia mixed with discharges from the respiratory passages and mucus it is often spat from the mouth. a sputum slide would probably referring to the s (MORE)
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What are the abnormal results of a sputum culture?

The presence of bacteria and white blood cells on the Gram stain and the isolation of a microorganism from culture, other than normal flora contamination, is evidence of a low (MORE)
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What is a sputum culture?

Sputum is material coughed up from the lungs and expectorated (spit out) through the mouth. A sputum culture is done to find and identify the microorganism causing an infectio (MORE)

How do you do a sputum smear?

A sputum smear is done to check for pathogenic microbes. A sensitivity test should be also done to check to see what antibiotic or drug can control that microbe. This done by (MORE)
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Is that different phlegm and sputum?

They are essentially the same. The terms are utilizedreciprocally. Therapeutic experts tend to utilize the term, sputumwhile laypeople tend to utilize the word, mucus. Actuall (MORE)