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Who is Squall Leonhart?

Squall is the main protagonist in Final Fantasy VIII .. His weapon is the gunblade which is the first interactive battle weapon in the Final Fantasy series. . He journey (MORE)
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What is a white squall?

A White Squall is a wave with white crippling lines. It is said to be a meteorological phenomenon, and very rare to encounter even at sea. It is also known for sinking many bo (MORE)

Does Squall love Rinoa?

Yes, Squall Leonhart is in love with Rinoa Heartilly. While it takes a long time for him to realise his feelings, at the end of the game, they are shown embracing each other a (MORE)

What does squalling mean?

squall |skwôl| noun a sudden violent gust of wind or a localized storm, esp. one bringing rain, snow, or sleet : low clouds and squalls of driving rain. • a loud (MORE)

What is the venezuelan squall?

The Venezuelan squall was when the British tried to dominate Venezuela to get more territory. The U.S. saw this happening and Secretary of State Richard Olney said that Britai (MORE)
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Is squalls a noun?

Yes, the word squalls is a noun, a common, plural, concrete noun. The word squalls is also the present (for third person singular) form of the verb 'to squall'.
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Why is there a rainbow after squall?

The squall may have passed you but the rain is still falling elsewhere. If sunlight passes through the rain, you will see a rainbow as the water droplets work as a prism and s (MORE)