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What was squanto famous for?

Squanto is best known for helping the Pilgrims at Plymouth Colony. He taught them how to plant crops, how to hunt and how to fish in the nearby streams. He also acted as a tra (MORE)

How did Squanto die?

On his return to Plymouth from a meeting with the Wampanoag, Squanto became sick with a fever. Historians speculate that he was poisoned by the Wampanoag because they believed (MORE)

Who was Squanto?

Squanto was a Native American who helped the English colonists in Massachusetts develop agricultural techniques and served as an interpreter between the colonists and the Wamp (MORE)

Why is squanto important?

Squanto is a Indian who discovered the Pilgrim Settlement. He was  one of the few who knew English because his friends would visit  England, he taught the pilgrims how to gr (MORE)

What are facts about Squanto?

he is a native American he was born in 1580 he died on November 1622 he was 42 years old when he died his place of birth is Cape Cod in 1614 and 1605 he was kidnappe (MORE)

Who are samoset and squanto?

Samoset - On March 16, 1621, Samoset was the first Native American to make contact with the Pilgrims. After spending the night with the Pilgrims, he came back two days later w (MORE)