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What does Square Enix make?

Square Enix makes popular games, such as Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Hitman, and many more. They also make manga (Japanese-version comic books) and anime (Japanese-version (MORE)

What program does Square-Enix use to make their art?

Square Enix use numerous types of software to implicate their CGI and Game Design. Originaly, for the original Final Fantasy Games, they were written in the specific console p (MORE)

Square inches square feet?

12 in = 1 ft ⇒ 1 in = 1/12 ft ⇒ 1 sq in = 1 in x 1 in = 1/12 ft x 1/12 ft = 1/144 sq ft Therefore to convert square inches to square feet, divide by 144. 1 ft (MORE)

What is a square?

a square is a 2 dimensional plane figure shape that has 4 sides and corners. It has four sides of equal length and four 90 degree corners A square is a geometric shape who's s (MORE)

Why did square merge with enix?

They merged because enix wasn't really that popular here in the USA but they were Square Softs number one competitor in Japan with the Dragon quest sires. So they basicly merg (MORE)

Is Sora owned by Disney or Square Enix?

Sora is owned by Square Enix, whose character designer was Tetsuya  Nomura. Disney may own some rights on Sora, but Square Enix is his  primary owner.
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