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How many square miles are in a square kilometer?

A square kilometer is much smaller than a square mile. The number  of square miles in a square kilometer is about 0.3861 square  miles, or more roughly 0.4 square miles.  (MORE)
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What is the square mile?

A square mile is the area of a square with one mile along each  edge. It is equal to 640 acres.    "The square mile" is the nickname given to the City of  London (UK) (MORE)

Which is bigger a square acre or a square mile?

Acres and milesFirst, you should never say "square acre." The acre is a unit of area, so there is no need to qualify it with the word square. A mile, on the other hand, is a u (MORE)

How do you convert square miles into square meters?

1 (square mile) = 2,589,988.11 square meters. So, take square miles and multiply by 2,589,988.11 to get square meters.
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How many square inches are in a square mile?

  A lot   A square mile is equal to 27,878,400 square feet (5,280 x 5,280).     One square foot equals 144 square inches (12 x 12).     So, a square mil (MORE)

How many square acres are in a square mile?

There is no such thing as a "square acre" an acre is already an area measurement. 1 square mile is 640 acres.
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Square feet in a square mile?

There are 27,878,400 square feet in a square mile. That is the correct amount because to find the area of something, one multiplys the length and width. So to find how many sq (MORE)
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What is square miles?

  Referenced to area, it is an area equivalent to the area within a square 1 mile on each side. The shape of the actual form involved is indeterminate without more informa (MORE)