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Why are your brakes squeaking?

Squeaky brakes can be caused by using cheap pads. You do not normally squeaking brakes from worn pads. It's more of a grinding noise when the pads are low, due to the metal on (MORE)

Squeak when turning?

replace all 4 of your ball joints this will solve the problem and they are less than 20 dollars a piece. you should be charged less than 125.00 to put them $205.00
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Do gerbils squeak?

Gerbils can squeak but usually not on their own. ( Unless he's frustrated or playing with another gerbil.) If you are trying to pick him up with one hand, using your third and (MORE)

Why is your hamster squeaking?

It depends.. if it's a newborn, its because it wants its mom to feed it (my new hamster babies have been squeaking since they were born). If its an adult it may be hurt or hun (MORE)

Do chairs squeak?

Some chairs squeak. Chairs are often made of wood and glue. Sometimes the glue cracks and the joints can move a bit. That's when they squeak.
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Why does your saxophone squeak?

your saxophone squeaking can be a number of problems on your saxophone. first off, your reed may be to dry; your mouth may not be on the mouth piece far enough, and and/or a k (MORE)

Why does my cat squeak?

Sometimes it sounds almost like a mouse squeaking, and I know what you mean, but that is usually just a specific type of meow that varies from cat to cat. For instance, my cat (MORE)

Do bunnies squeak?

Yes, some bunnies do squeak. Some rabbits are more "vocal" than others. A squeak could mean many different things, depending on the rabbit's personality and the situation. A b (MORE)