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What is a squib fire?

According to Wikipedia: A squib is a small explosive device used in a wide range of industries, from special effects to military applications. They resemble tiny sticks of dyn (MORE)

What is a squib kick?

A squib kick is a kick where it is shorter than a regular kickoff but longer than a short onside kick, often in the last few seconds in the half. It is still an onside kick, s (MORE)

How old is squib?

Squib is a person who was born in a wizarding family but has no magic. They are advancing in age just as anyone else.

What do you do in a squib-fire?

first: if it is a squib problem, don't fire again. On squib fired round it is indicative of not enough or no powder in the cartridge. The bullet is stuck in barrel. Open the (MORE)

What is code squib?

A squib is someone who is a son/daughter of a wizard family, or both parents are wizards. And they no magical ability whatsoever, Filch is a squib.

Is Emily French a squib?

Emily French is indeed a squib. She is known in the wizarding world as a crazy squib who is incredibly jealous of pure blood Lily Smith. She is in Hufflepuff and longs to be i (MORE)