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What is squirting?

'Female ejaculation' or 'squirting' is the ejaculation of a clear water like liquid that squirts out of the urethra of women when they are stimulated in the G-spot by some tec (MORE)

How do you have a squirting orgasim?

Squirting is very possible, but you have to know more about the female body. THIS includes more both physically and mentally. There are a lot of great resources out there that (MORE)
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How does a girl squirt?

It is not urine but some kind of fluid that comes from the urethra upon heavy petting and vigorous sexual intercourse
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Is squirting healthy?

I feel as if a girl has that sensation to squirt I dont think she should hold it in, So I honestly think a girl just let it go so shes not antsy in her pants!
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How do you learn to squirt?

Very few women have the ability to squirt sexual juices when excited sexually. I don't think it can be learned.
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How squirting happens?

You insert the penis in the belly button . Then please her , she will squirt after a few strokes

What is is when a girl squirts?

Female ejaculate is not always a squirt, sometimes it can be just atrickle and difficult to distinguish from vaginal discharge. Femaleejaculate is glandular fluid like semen, (MORE)
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How do you made squirting?

You have to fart out chicken and suck on my chicken papya so it hurts the apple sause out of your mama.