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Why do girl squirts?

This is still a matter of some scientific debate. Not all girls do squirt but the majority opinion is that for those who can then it is NOT urine and is caused by fluids being (MORE)

How do you you get a women to squirt?

Foreplay should be an amorous sensual adventure, making her needs and desires a priority and yours secondary , if you learn and practice this concept you will be consider (MORE)

Can i make myself squirt if i never squirt?

The worst thing you can do for ANY sexual worry is to actually WORRY about it. Sex is fun. It's entirely natural Your parents did it - or you wouldn't have been born. It's bee (MORE)

How do you spell squirted?

That is the correct spelling of "squirted" (from to squirt - create a stream or spray of liquid).
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Do you have to have your period to squirt?

Squirting refers to female ejaculation, although not all womensquirt as some will just produce a small trickle of fluid. Youdon't need to have reached menarche to ejaculate, i (MORE)