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Do octopuses squirt ink?

Yes, most octopuses and their relatives in the cephalopod family squirt some manner of ink, although deep-sea cephalopds usually squirt a bioluminescent equivalent that leaves (MORE)
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Do ants squirt acid?

Yes, there are many species around the world capable of spraying or squirting formic acid from the abdomen. Most can be found in tropical climates, including parts of Australi (MORE)

Why do octopuses squirt ink?

they ink because they get afraid and when they ink it blinds the animal for a couple of seconds so the octopus can get away. Octopus ink because they need to get away from ani (MORE)

Why do girl squirts?

This is still a matter of some scientific debate. Not all girls do squirt but the majority opinion is that for those who can then it is NOT urine and is caused by fluids being (MORE)

Why do octopus' squirt out ink?

  because when they see a preditor they spuirt out so it will make a way to escaep
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What was in the squirt gun on iCarly?

It was most likely watered down chocolate syrup. But, they acted as if they didn't know what it was.
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How far can an elephant squirt water?

An elephant can actually squirt water from its snout up to 50 feet.  However, this will vary depending on the gender, size, and age of  the elephant.
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