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Why are sponges squishy?

Sponges, both natural and artificial, have air pockets throughout their material, so that liquid can be held by surface tension inside, then squeezed out. In living sponges, t ( Full Answer )
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Why are your eyes squishy?

because this is arianna and raquel and mostly jared because healways has to be right and we say so :)
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Where do you get squishies?

Squishies can be bought in vending machines at many major malls, restaurants and drug stores. They can also be bought online.
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Where do you buy squishies?

you can get them at a local vending machines. but they come out random. if you want a specific one go to
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Why is poop squishy?

Because, it sits inside your body at very warm temperatures. Notice if you let it sit out it (not in water) will harden up.
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What stores have squishies?

In some areas, you can get squishies at TARGET and WALMART. Theysell squishy cookies and crackers, and squishy cracker or piemirrors. Also at Walmart they have super squishy C ( Full Answer )
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Why are eyes squishy?

Biological systems such as the human body are good at making transparent material, such as the aqueous humor in eyes, and they are also good at making strong inflexible materi ( Full Answer )
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What is a squishy made out of?

Squishies are made with sponges that are cut to the pattern youwant to make. Then, it is sprayed with some colorings. Make it evennicer with some icings. Then, leave it to dry ( Full Answer )
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Why are eyeballs squishy?

because your eyes have atomatic water in them and they half to have squishyness to let the pueple move around
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How do you get back your squishy?

first, go up to her and grab her hand with the ring on it and apologize. Say something very corny that would always make her laugh and smile! Second, give her a compliment' ( Full Answer )