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Are there foundations in Sri Lankan homes?

Answer   Yes of course. Especially the houses in Colombo. The local construction industry has been among the most respected in South Asia after it became a republic in 19 (MORE)

What food sri lankans eat?

Majority of Sri Lankans Eat RICE and Curries (Vegetable Curries) There are 2 major Ethnic Groups in Sri Lanka. Sinhalese and Tamils. Sinhalese people has unique Style of cook (MORE)

Are sri lankans Indian?

no they are not. a king from India came to srilanka to settle with an army of people but there were people living in the island way before this king vijaya landed.
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Sri lankan hot guys?

If u mean to ask if Sri lanka have hot guys ? The YES . I'm fillipinoand I have 3 sri lankan guys in my classes. I know 2 of them and they are very hot and cute . I don't like (MORE)

What is the sri lankan religions?

Someone has mentioned that Sri Lankan main religion is Hinduism. Please do not comment wrong statements about Sri Lankan Religion or History. There are few religions in Sri L (MORE)

What do the colors on the Sri Lankan Flag mean?

  * The lion in the flag represents the Sinhala race.  * The sword of the lion represents the sovereignty of the country.  * The noble eight fold path of Buddhism is si (MORE)