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How old was srinivasa ramanujan when he died?

Ramanujan was just 32 years old when he died in the city of Madras (now known as Chennai) in South India on April 26, 1920. A college dropout he learned mathematics from S.L. (MORE)
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Did Srinivasa Ramanujan have kids or wife family?

He had no biological children, but he was married to Janaki Ammal.    Janaki Ammal adopted a child and she lived long enough for many of  us to know more about the gen (MORE)

What did ramanujan invent?

Ramanujan is responsible for inventing the infinite series for pie  in math. He was also very well known for his ability to rapidly  solve complex math problems.
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Who was ramanujan?

He was one of the India's greatest mathematical geniuses .He introduced the theory of ramanujan's number(1729).
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What are the achievements of ramanujan?

Srinavasa Iyengar Ramanujan spent nearly 5 years in Cambridge and collaborated with the famous mathematicians of the world. A part of his findings was also published in Englan (MORE)
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Why did srinivasa ramanujan die?

because of some certain health problems ... he became very famous .. hence,i am really proud of him i salute to u ramamnujan ..!!

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