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Who were the SS and the SA?

  The SA (Storm-Abteilung or Stormtroopers) were Hitler's own private army that he set up in 1921. They were mostly young men who dressed in brown uniforms and were someti (MORE)

Who were the SS in the Holocaust?

    The SS in the holocaust were the meanest soldiers. they were basically trained to kill anyone that got out of line. which is sad.     The SS was a Germany's (MORE)

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What does SS stand for?

The abbreviation "SS" . S.S. in front of the name of a ship stands for Steamship . . SS is often used in the US as an abbreviation for social security . . SS in (MORE)

What was Hitler's SS?

  Answer   The SS(Shutzstaffel) or Praetorian Guard was Hitler's personal bodyguard unit. Constructed after the takeover of Germany, the SS was led by SS-Reichsfuhre (MORE)

What is an ss man?

an ss man was a person who worked for Hitler. who helped Hitler with his defeat over the Jews and other races. The ss men were men who basically did all the dirty work. many o (MORE)

Deffintion of ss?

  SS in ship terms, steamship. SS in school terms Social studies SS can mean Schutzstaffel which was a Nazi paramilitary force SS shortstop in baseball SS can mean (MORE)

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