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What is SSH?

SSH (Secure Shell) is a client/server package used in Unix and Linux systems to provide secure access to a remote system.

What is an SSH server?

An SSH server is a daemon that listens for requests to log in using SSH from remote computers. SSH basically allows you to control a Linux or Unix computer just as if you were (MORE)
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How do you use SSH?

SSH is extremely simple. Using the SSH client, you connect to the computer running the SSH server using the command ssh [ip address or hostname here]

What is ssh protocol?

SSH stands for secure shell. It is a more secure way to connect and perform remote functions. Telnet will allow you to connect to a router or other device and type commands. T (MORE)
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How does SSH operate as a network?

SSH (secure shell), works by allowing data to be stored and a access key to be provided. Anyone who has the key is able to retrieve the information that was stored online.
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Where can someone open an SSH?

You can open an SSH on your own computer by downloading and installing the PuTTY software. You can get this software for free from websites such as SourceForge.
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Where can one get cheap ssh hosting?

Some of the places that one can find cheap SSH hosting are from LevelHosting and StableHost. These companies offer services for hosting SSH access that are not expensive.
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What is the purpose of Putty SSH?

PuTTY, or putty, is an open sourced terminal emulator that can control SSH connections, as well as transfer files across a network, and act as a serial console.