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Who founded the Spanish city of St. Augustine?

Saint Augustine was founded on September 8, 1565, by Spanish  admiral and Florida's first governor,  Pedro Menéndez de Avilés. He named the settlement "San  Agustín", a (MORE)

What is the closest airport to St. Augustine FL?

The closest major airport to Saint Augustine, Florida is Jacksonville International Airport (JAX / KJAX). This airport is in Jacksonville, Florida and is about 56 road miles f (MORE)

What will eat a hippo?

A large pack of lions or a group of large crocodiles would kill and eat a very injured or a young hippo.
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Do hippos attack other hippos?

Yes, they do fight each other. Male Hippo's mostly, for dominance, territory, and mating rights. A female hippo will rarely fight other hippo's, but if another hippo got into (MORE)

What did Augustine of Hippo do?

St. Augustine of Hippo is the patron of brewers because he  converted from a former life of parties, entertainment, and worldly  ambitions. He went on to be an early Christi (MORE)

Saint Augustine of Hippo a black man?

I am not sure. He is African though. If you are in terms of skin color, it is uncertain but in terms of ethnicity , I do believe he is. Yes he is a black man with dark skin a (MORE)

Why has Augustine of hippo meant so much to the christian west?

The philosopher, theologian, and saint, Augustine of Hippo, has  meant much to the Christian West for quite a few important reasons,  including his dedicated service to the (MORE)
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Who influenced Saint Augustine of Hippo?

He was mainly influenced by his mother, St. Monica, and by the scriptures of St. Paul, one of the famous apostles of Jesus as well as St. Ambrose who baptized Augustine as a C (MORE)

How did Saint Augustine of Hippo influence religion?

The Church Father Augustine of Hippo was a Manichaean Auditor from  373 to 382. Manichaeanism was a Christian Gnostic sect radically  different from what is now known as Chr (MORE)