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Is Rebecca St James married?

Yes, she's married to Jacob Fink since on April 23, 2011 at the Juniperro Serra Museum in San Diego, California. She was proposed to on Christmas Day 2010 to this sweetest-loo (MORE)

How old is St. James Park?

St James' Park, the home ground of Newcastle United, was first opened in 1892, making it 119 years old! It is the largest and oldest football ground in the northeast of Englan (MORE)

Are Michael alig and James St. James still friends?

I've been writing to Michael for about a year now. They seem to be 'frienemies" at times, and not talking at other times. While this might seem bias, my impression is that the (MORE)

Who founded st James' hospital Dublin?

St James' Hospital Dublin started life as a poorhouse. In 1667 The Dublin Corporation spent three hundred pounds laying foundations for a poorhouse on the site now occupied by (MORE)

Is there a St James' Hospital in London?

  There WAS a St James' Hospital in Balham, South West London.   It was amalgamated with St Georges Hospital, Tooting and subsequently closed and then demolished.   (MORE)

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What miracles did St. James perform?

Catholic AnswerThe article below is above St. James the Greater (the first St. James the apostle). No miracles are recorded of him, he suffered martyrdom. . Miracles were no (MORE)

When did St. James the Greater die?

St James son of Zebedee - incorrectly called the Greater, (the  apostles haven't attached this appellation; James son of Zebedee or  Theuda was born circa A.D.1, as sourced (MORE)