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What is St. Louis Cardinals history?

The St. Louis National League was started in 1876. The team was originally called the Brown Stockings, and later, simply the Browns. In 1899, the name Browns was changed (MORE)

What are the St. Louis Cardinals farm teams?

  For the 2007 season, the Cardinals farm teams are:   1) Memphis Redbirds - Pacific Coast League - AAA 2) Springfield Cardinals - Texas League - AA 3) Palm Beach C (MORE)

How many MVPs have the St. Louis Cardinals had?

On 19 occasions, players from the St. Louis Cardinals have won an NL MVP award: 2009- albert Pujols 2005 - Albert Pujois 1985 - Willie McGee 1979 - Keith Hernandez 1971 (MORE)

What is the value of a 1952 St. Louis Cardinals baseball program?

1952 St. Lois Cardinals program/Scorecard . A 1952 St. Lois Cardinals program/Scorecard is worth about $25.-$35. in excellent - near/mint condition.As with all collectibles (MORE)

What St. Louis Cardinals have hit for the cycle?

  Tip O'Neill, 1887   Tip O'Neill, 1887   Tommy Dowd, 1895   Cliff Heathcote, 1918   Jim Bottomley, 1927   Chuck Hafey, 1930   Pepper Martin, 1933   J (MORE)

Who were on the 2006 St. Louis Cardinals roster?

   Pitchers   29 Chris Carpenter  40 Brian Falkenborg  34 Randy Flores  32 Josh Hancock  44 Jason Isringhausen  61 Tyler Johnson  52 Josh Kinney  41 Braden Loo (MORE)