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How did the Virgin Mary influence the Church?

The Blessed Virgin Mary is the highest regarded created being in the Church because she is the mother of Jesus Christ. She had a baby when she was still a virgin because God c (MORE)
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What did Mary ask St. Bernadette to do?

It depends on what apparition your looking at. First she asked her to continue to come to the grotto then to do penance. Then to drink from the stream and eat the weeds. Then (MORE)

Why is the statue Mother Mary in church?

Mother Mary is the Mother of Jesus Christ - the spiritual vessel of the Holy Trinity. God chose her to give birth to his Son, so that the Son of God may come down to earth a (MORE)

Why is St. Editha's church called St. Editha's church?

  For the historical figure also named Editha, see Eadgyth.   {|  ! style="background-color: gold" colspan="2" | Saint Editha  |}     {|  ! Born  | 10th cent (MORE)

Were Mary and Joseph married in a church?

No. The details of their marriage are unknown, but both Mary and Joseph were Jews, in the line of David, and would not have married in a 'church building'. Though there was of (MORE)
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What is St Marie known for?

St. Marie Amandine was a Belgian Franciscan missionary sister in China. She was martyred on July 9, 1900 in China after refusing to comply with an edict declared during the B (MORE)