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Is passport needed from New York to St Thomas?

Answer   No. Even with the new Western Hemisphere initiative effective June 1, 2009, travel directly from the US to a US territory does not require a passport.    (MORE)

What are the requirements for admission to St John's University New York?

  Financial aid office: Type: Private-Religious Year founded: 1870 Student body: Coeducational Religious affiliation: No data ava (MORE)
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How was St Basil cathedral built?

St Basil's Cathedral in Moscow was built by the architects Barma  and Postnik Yakovlev, on orders of Tsar Ivan IV (AKA Ivan the  Terrible) between 1555 an 1562. There is muc (MORE)

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Is there any jerf har st in New York?

No streets in New York with that name. It's a lie. Some ignorant Arabs tried to create a miracle that does not exist. Jurufen har is an Arabic sentence in Quran that means wea (MORE)

Why are there two St. Patrick cathedrals?

  New York History Answer     There are probably hundreds (thousands) of St. Patrick's Catholic churches around the world. Catholics aren't very creative with na (MORE)

Where is Durham Cathedral in relation to York?

Durham is roughly 60 miles north of York, straight up the A1 or, by rail, two main railway stops up the east coast main line (the one in between is Darlington, there are small (MORE)