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What is stabbing the ball?

Answer . \nStabbing the ball means when a player tow pusts the ball, instead of using his instep to kick it.therefore tow stabbing the ball originated because your foot loo (MORE)

What is stab wound?

A stab wound is any type of injury to the body which results from aobject piercing the skin. They are commonly associated with knivesbut can be caused by any sharp object.
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Where was mercutio stabbed?

Near his hip on the side in the Baz Luhrmann film, in most plays they did it was in the heart.
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Where can you get stabbed and not die?

It depends on how deep but places on your arm and legs. There is one part on your abdomen area. And your foot. AND PLEASE CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. 21FUNFUN and subscribe. (MORE)
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Will you get stabbed in London?

Stabbings in London are on the rise but generally speaking that is because guns are outlawed and expensive. Knives become the weapon of choice for self defense and aggressive (MORE)
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Is stab an adverb?

No. Stab is a verb, and also a noun that can be used as an adjunct (e.g. stab wound). The closest adverb form is the awkward "stabbingly" (e.g. severe) referring to the inte (MORE)

What do you do if you get stabbed?

Don't pull the knife out it keeps you from bleeding to death call 911 or 000 immediately. Leave it in until the emegency unit arrives
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Where was Ceasar stabbed?

Geographically: In Rome, on the floor of the senate building. Anatomically: He received multiple stab wounds to the neck and torso (23 according to the examining physician) (MORE)
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What is Pitchfork Stabbing?

Pitchfork Stabbing is something which is used as an insult yet coincidentally it is the perfect weapon to pop the massive balloon which is the Coleslaw Addicted son , this is (MORE)