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What does a pool stabilizer do?

STABILIZER . Cyanuric acid holds chlorine in the pools water protecting it from losses caused by the sun. I a pool is not properly stabilized it may use up to 2 times as much (MORE)

What is pool stabilizer?

In swimming pools, "stabilizer" refers to cyanuric acid, oralternatively, isocyanuric acid. Also known as conditioner, poolstabilizer, CYA, or sun shield, cyanuric acid is usu (MORE)

What is a stabilizer bar? stabilizer bar (MORE)

What is the stability of drugs?

The stability of a drug is the ability of the drug to maintain its chemical, physical, therapeutic and toxicological properties throughout its shelf life. Often times environm (MORE)
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What is Stability Strategy?

A corporation may choose stability over growth by continuing its current activities without any significant change in direction. although sometimes viewed as a lack of strateg (MORE)

What does stabilizer do in pool?

It keeps the chlorine much longer in the water - without stabilizer it disappears quickly in the sun.
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