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How did Wiz Khalifa get his stage name?

The rapper Wiz Khalifa got his name from his friends and family. He got the Wiz from being wise and intelligent beyond his years and Khalifa which is Arabic for "successor".
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What Pokemon can evolve from a stage 2 Pokemon?

There are many Stage Two pokemon that can evolve, so the pokemon will be put on a list. This list is only accurate to Generation V. *This pokemon was not a Stage Two Pokemon (MORE)

What are the stage names of the spice girls?

baby spice- Emma bunton ginger spice - geri halliwell scary spice - mel b sporty spice - mel c posh spice - Victoria beckham
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What are the stage names of the kiss band?

Gene Simmons - The Demon  Paul Stanley - Starchild  Ace Frehley - Space Ace or Space Man  Peter Criss - The Cat Man or The Cat  Eric Carr (replaced Peter Criss) - The Fox (MORE)
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What happens in stage 2 of photosynthesis?

The cell uses captured energy to make sugars. It needs H2O and CO2. The materials move to chloroplasts. The chemical reactions result in glucose and oxygen production. Glucose (MORE)

How do you get a stage name?

Choose a name that distinctive. If you have a name that's duplicated multiple times in the phone book, you will likely run into issues with being confused with other actors of (MORE)

When you go to sleep you begin with Stage 1 then Stage 2 then Stage 3 and then Stage 4 What is the next stage?

You return to stage 3, then stage 2 (delta sleep) before going to REM sleep (stage 5).
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What are the 2 distinct life stages of cnidarians?

The typical cnidarian life cycle is an alternation between a medusa and a polip. Hopes this helps :)
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