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How do you get out blood stains?

To get out blood stains after they have already set in you will need to lay the cloth out and get the affected area wet. If it is a mattress you want to do the same thing. The (MORE)

Can you stain concrete with wood stain?

Yes you can use wood stain on concrete but it will not penetrate the concrete, it does look nice and you can use different shades together. To keep the stain on it use a concr (MORE)

Why stain bacteria?

Bacteria is stained to identify the organism and its structure. Staining also can help in identification of a species. Bacteria are translucent in appearance therefore a stain (MORE)
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What is stain negative?

A negative stain is a stain that colorizes the area surrounding the cells you are trying to look at. If you dont use a stain to stain the cells, they will appear colorless.
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Does chocolate stain?

Chocolate.. well it depends on the colour of your clothing, if its light there is more chance. The best thing to do is to take it off and put in stright onto a hot wash.. then (MORE)
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Purpose of staining?

There are many different purposes of staining depending on the  situation. Medical staining helps to show DNA and it's components.
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What is meconium staining?

Meconium is the term for the first stool passes by a newborn baby.  If this stool is passed before birth, usually during labor or  delivery, it is referred to as meconium st (MORE)

How do stains form?

A stain usually emanates from introducing a resin finish to a wood or fabric and allowing to penetrate to a desired colour or level of texture. Stains form when something bui (MORE)

What makes stains stain?

Early dyes were made of plant matter. One example is Indigo, now  commonly used for blue jeans. Now it is a man-made chemical. But it  was very popularly grown in India and (MORE)