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What is a group of stairs?

A group of stairs is referred to as a "flight". A flight includes all stairs between two landings. Therefore, if you have stairs in a house which are split-level or turn a cor (MORE)

How do you design stairs?

if your looking to order a staircase, there is a really easy to use stair calculator at If your asking how to design a staircase, I'm not sure.
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What do you do if a guy stairs at you?

go up and lick him ya lick they like it expeshely in ther arm pit. Stares at you? hmm....It depends if the guy is cute or not. If the guy is cute, stare at him too and turn h (MORE)

What if a girl stairs at you?

It really depends how much she stirs at you I mean if she is always by you and stirs at you straight in the eyes then she does like you its to draw a boys attention I think. I (MORE)