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What rhymes with stairs?

flairs, bears, air, snares, fairs, dares, cares, shares, their, there, they're, where, declare, billionaires eclairs, glares, chairs, tears, hairs, where's, mares pairs
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How do you build stairs?

In order to build stairs the materials needed would beFraming squareNails or screwsCircular sawHand saw2 x 6 lumber2 x12 stringerJoist hangersMasking tapeTape measure First yo (MORE)

What is a stair piece?

  stringer is the support piece, usually under both sides and one in the middle riser is the front piece tread is the flat piece you walk on
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Do bungalow have stairs?

Some bungalows have stairs as although they are only one storey  they can have upper rooms located in the roof so they would require  stairs to be accessed.
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What is the meaning of stairs?

Stairs is the plural form of the noun stair, which is "a single riser or platform raised either above or dropped below the plane of the surrounding surface". As it is unusual (MORE)
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Is stairs an adverb?

No, it is not. It is a plural noun meaning a set of steps, or  stairway.
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