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What is a stamen?

The 'stamen' is the male part of a flower and consists of a'filament' and 'anther' where 'pollen' is produced. The 'pistil' is the female part, which consists of the 'stigma (MORE)

Where is the stamen located?

the pistil Edited answer: In between the petals and carpels of a flower. In unisexaul male flowers, stamens are located at the center, as in case of cucurbits.
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What is collected in the stamen?

pollen is collected in the stamen. It is made of pollen grains (male sex cells). these are carried by insects to a stigma ready to be fertilised.. pollen is collected in the (MORE)
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What does the stamen hold?

Male part of the flower, consisting of the anther and filament , makes pollen grains .
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Where can you buy Stamen-It?

Stamen-it is actually illegal in the europe, due to the high content of radioactive substences one to one contact with this can leave you with radioactive poisoning. If you ha (MORE)

What color are stamens?

Stamens are usually yellow in color on maturity of pollen grains. To begin with stamens are green in color.
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