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What is the Gold Standard?

The basing of a currency on gold. In some sense in such a system,  gold IS the currency and money is a symbol for a corresponding  amount of gold, backed by the issuer - i.e (MORE)

What is living standard?

A living standard is a degree of living. A level based on money,  comfort, necessities, all working together to sustain daily life.

What are ISO standards?

It's a standard set for companies to do better in their business, quality, and service developed by the ISO or International Organization for Standardization. There are over 1 (MORE)

What is standard yield?

It means what you can normally expect to result; such as how much a  recipe should produce.
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What is standardized recipes?

"It is food service recipe that is a set of instructions describing how a particular dish is prepared by a specific establishment. It ensures consistent food quality and quant (MORE)

What is bracketing standard?

bracketting standard is the standard injections loaded after gaps while running any sample on HPLC to check consistency. The RSD calculated should not be more than 2 %. jyoti (MORE)

What is the Olympic A standard?

  The A Standard is the "automatic" qualifying time for an event. The B Standard is the backup qualifying time. To be guaranteed a spot in an Olympic event, you must both (MORE)

What are attainable standards?

These are set at levels which it is considered are capable of being attained with reasonable effort. Example work force, ideal condition of the environment, rest period, produ (MORE)

What is standard precaution?

A standard precaution would be a security measure that is normal to  an industry. Turning on the firewall on a computer is also a  standard precaution to prevent spyware and (MORE)