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Standard and not standard in English?

  Answer   Standard English in the United States has been established by the Modern Langauge Association (MLA). There are two broad types of Non-Stardard English: dia (MORE)

What is standard notation?

The standard (or scientific) notation for a number is of the form a*10b where a is a decimal number, greater than or equal to 1 and less than 10, and b is an integer. so, (MORE)

What is a standard?

A standard can mean many things. In mathematics, the standard unit of length measurement in the metric system is the metre. In weight, the standard is the kilogramme. Basicall (MORE)

What is standard?

Standard is nothing but collection of defined criteria's to asses  product ,service or system Standard is a level of quality. This is  important when having a business.
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What does standard and non-standard mean?

Standard components is a food technology term, when manufacturers buy in a standard component they would use a pre-made product in the production of their food. They help prod (MORE)

Why do measurements have to be standard?

Standard measurements are rather like the standard meanings of the words that you and I are using to communicate with each other. If a word has a standard meaning, then when I (MORE)

What is standard and non standard measurements?

A standard form of measurement is one where there is widespreadagreement as to its value. A non-standard measurement is one whichmakes sense to only a small number of people. (MORE)